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Private DNS Cluster

Private DNS Cluster – Your Brand Name is Guaranteed

The Private DNS Cluster service offers complete independence. Every web hosting company operates a set of utility domains/addresses that are servicing its network. These URLs are used for: Domain address (your domain), Name Servers, Payment address, Thank You / Login address, and Hosting Control Panel address.

The Private DNS Cluster service allows resellers to completely preserve their anonymity and adds more privacy and a unique identity to their brand by using their own utility domains and addresses. The Private DNS Cluster service improves your reseller anonymity and helps you look like an independent and trustworthy hosting company.

The Private DNS Cluster packages allow the registration of private name servers and utility domains that are subdomains of your main reseller domain. Thus a cluster for your entire brand network is formed. You clients will ONLY see your domain which will help in establishing better brand recognition and customer trust.


Increased Customer Trust

Greater Brand Recognition

Ensured Reseller Anonymity


Increased Security

We offer the following Private DNS cluster packages

DNS serverDNS server PlusDNS server Pro
Domain requirementsregistration/transferregistration/transferFree registration
Quit terms1 month termination notice – reseller may take away the domain1 month termination notice – reseller may take away the domain1 month termination notice – domain stays with us since registered for free
Assign clients to usavailableavailableNo
Registrar Lockavailableavailableavailable