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Zacky App Installer - One-Click WordPress Installer and More

Give your customers the power to easily install applications on their sites with our Zacky App Installer.

Our Reseller Hosting program lets you sell affordable and reliable hosting plans and offer exclusive promotions, domains, and SSL certificates. But that is not all. All of your shared hosting customers can take advantage of our extremely easy in-house developed Control Panel for the management of their sites. There they can find our Zacky App Installer, especially developed to allow your customers to install the software they need with a few simple clicks. Our Zacky App Installer installs and sets up the CMS, Site Builder, or any of the included free scripts absolutely automatically. As a result, the site is up and running within a few minutes thanks to the software they have chosen and are able to start uploading content instantly or to modify the site even further by changing themes, settings etc. Not any regular WordPress reseller hosting!

small icon for our one click wordpress install called zacky app installer
Screenshot of all softwares available in Zacky App Installer

Install your site within a few steps

Launching your site with the Zacky Tools Installer is done in just a few steps. The first thing you need to do is to open the Installer from your Control Panel and choose a Content Management System (CMS) for your site, then you have the option to pick a color theme for your site, then choose the domain and URL where you want the site to be installed, website’s title as well as a few more basic settings. All of these can be changed later as well.

One-Click WordPress Installer and Other Time-Saving Tools

As a part of our WordPress Reseller Hosting program you can exclusively offer our Zacky App Installer with the free hosting package. While all scripts in the Software Installer are absolutely free for all paid shared plans, free signups can only take advantage of free Joomla and WordPress installations. However, these are the most commonly used and user-friendly platforms for the creation of blogs and websites, so your free users will be happy to have them available for instant installation on their sites with no technical knowledge required and absolutely for free.

A lot of website software your users can install for free

Become our shared hosting reseller and offer these simple and useful tools. The Zacky App Installer enables the simple installation of various Content Management Systems, Website Builder, Forums, Galleries, eCommerce Solutions, and Social Networks.


Content Management Systems

The purpose of а Content Management System is to simplify the management of sites and online publishing as much as possible. It enables the user to easily create and edit content via a graphical interface, easily collaborate with others on projects, manage blogs etc. Your users can install these CMSs for free: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


Discussion Boards

With Simple Machines Forum and phpBB, your clients can make their own forums and message boards absolutely for free. These tools are perfect for creating an online community, as well as integrating forums into existing websites. They offer great flexibility and all kinds of features for user management, notifications, RSS, topics, comments, ranks, etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning is a category of business management software, typically a suite of integrated applications, that an organization can use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many business activities. These Include product planning, manufacturing or inventory management, marketing, and sales.

Website Builder

The Website Builder is a tool that enables the average Internet user to create a website from scratch without writing any code. With our shared hosting reseller plans you can offer a very straightforward site builder for the fast launch of basic sites as well as a more flexible version for experienced users. Your users can automatically install concrete5.


The eCommerce tools we offer will help your clients to sell online. With Zen Cart, osCommerce, OpenCart, and PrestaShop they’ll get numerous features for shopping carts, currencies, discounts, promotions, user accounts, and various payment methods.

Photo Gallery

Just like with our website builder, the tools for galleries enable the creation of flexible and professionally looking sites and blogs, particularly suitable for image and photo galleries, as well as rich media sites. Using the free Zacky Software Installer your customers can easily install Zenphoto with just a few clicks.

Social Network

The Zacky Installer package includes scripts for setting up social networking websites with all necessary features for comments, ratings, sharing and having multiple users with their own profiles. Your users can automatically install Elgg.