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SSL Certificates Reseller

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It is really convenient to sell SSL certificates via your reseller hosting store, since they are an essential part of most websites. This way you can provide your customers with everything they need for the creation and management of their sites – from domains and flexible hosting plans, to website builders and other handy tools, as well as SSL protection for their sites and users. It is your advantage to have your clients buying everything they need from one place – not only will they buy more products, but they will also manage them more easily from their Hosting Control Panel, and they will stay loyal to your brand.

If you are a hosting company your clients will need SSL if...

They have a log-in or sign-up page on their site
They have an online shopping cart and/or would like to accept online payments
They are transmitting sensitive information (IDs, passwords, phone numbers, addresses, birth dates, etc.)
They want to increase the trust in their online presence

The SSL Certificate is protecting online data transitions and helps increasing the trust in your client’s online presence in three primary ways:

how ssl works

1. The SSL Certificate is entirely encrypting all sensitive data that is transmitted during online transactions. 2. Every SSL Certificate is a unique proof of authority that is identifying the owner of the certificate. 3. The Certificate Authority is verifying the identity of the certificate owner before he receives the certificate.
You can resell various certificates by GeoTrust that suit small and big sites via our Reseller Program:

  • True BusinessID with EV (provides a green browser address bar and Site Seal with the brand name);
  • True BusinessID (offers a dynamic Site Seal);
  • True BusinessID Wildcard (includes protection for unlimited subdomains);
  • QuickSSL® Premium (cheaper, but reliable SSL with a dynamic Site Seal);
  • QuickSSL® (affordable and reliable SSL with a static Site Seal);
  • RapidSSL® (SSL with a static Site Seal that offers fast and simple setup);
The SSL certificate is a short code placed on your web server that is providing security for online data transactions. When a browser or any web client enters your secured website, the SSL provides an encrypted communication between both parties.

SSL certificates also increase visitor’s trust because every SSL certificate is containing identity information. When an SSL certificate is requested, a third party (such as our partner GeoTrust) verifies the organization’s identity and provides a unique certificate including that information. This is the so-called authentication procedure of a certificate.