Reseller Control Panel – Reports

Screenshot of Reseller Reports section

If you want to be a top reseller, you need to know your customers and their issues.

Feedback statistics are therefore crucial for the optimization of your services. You can get an overview of the clients generated per store and your current profit via your Reseller Reports menu.

In addition, you have a list of your clients and the orders they have made. We have made available detailed payment history for your convenience.


Screenshot of Overview Reseller Basic Reports section

This section allows you to get a quick overview of your hosting business via numerous parameters. Statistics allow you to optimize your performance and increase your profits.

Advanced Reports

Screenshot of Advanced Reseller Reports section

Allows you to follow up your business performance in detail so that you can manage it optimally.

List Affiliates

Screenshot of List Reseller Clients section

This section allows you to quickly view all your affiliates and their performance.

List Clients

Screenshot of List Reseller Orders section

This section shows you a list of your clients, their respective contact details, hosting plan, and the plan’s expiration date.

List Orders

Screenshot of List Reseller Commissions section

This section allows you to easily track the orders of your stores.

List Commissions

Screenshot of Reseller Signup Statistics section

This section gives you an overview of your monthly commissions since you started at ResellerCluster.

Signup Statistics

Screenshot of Reseller Payment History section

This section allows you to keep track of your daily, monthly and annual sign-ups.

Payment History

Allows you to easily view the payment history of your reseller business profits. You can see all payments already paid off to you, as well as the current due profits.

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