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Reseller Hosting Panel – Reseller Information

Reseller Control Panel – Reseller Information

The Reseller Information menu presents mainly records of your reseller account.

You can see your account username, change your account password, change the reseller mode of your account (simple or advanced), edit your account contact and payment information.

Note: Please comply with our Terms of Services and always keep your contact and payment information up to date.

Screenshot of Reseller Information section
Screenshot of Reseller Account Renewal section

Account Renewal

The Account Renewal section allows you to extend your services and see their expiration dates, renewal options, etc.

Account Details

This section shows your reseller account username and allows you to change your account password.

Screenshot of Reseller Account Details section
Screenshot of Reseller Account Settings section

Account Settings

This section allows you to customize your account settings, such as your Reseller Mode and your Favorite buttons on the left.

Contact Details

This section shows your reseller account contact details and allows you to update them.

Screenshot of Reseller Contact Details section
Screenshot of Reseller Payment details

Payment Details

This section shows your preferred method of payment for collecting your commissions and allows you to set a payment release level.

My Orders

My Orders Section displays the orders which you have made. You can monitor the status of the orders by checking the order details.

Screenshot of My Orders section
Screenshot of My Invoices section

My Invoices

The My Invoices section helps you get or request invoices for your orders.

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