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Reseller Control Panel – Store Design

Screenshot of Control Panel Store Design sectionOur Store Design Tools enables both novices and experts to manage their hosting stores alike.

We have incorporated a kaleidoscope of tools and features so that every reseller can customize our pre-designed templates and make a unique store with minimum effort.

Resellers can fully manage the header and footer of the template, as well as modify the content of the Contacts and About pages. You can edit your own marketing HotSpot – a special area on your store which appears on the left middle spot of each page via our Customize Holder section.

This is the place where most people click when visiting your website, i.e. the place that can generate mass profit for you if you place a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.




Choose Template

Screenshot of Choose Reseller Template section

Allows you to easily apply a pre-defined site template to your store. No HTML knowledge is needed to start your online business. Yet if you are an SEO specialist or you have good Internet skills, you can customize the HTML of the store template as much as you wish to make it unique and further increase its search engine optimization.


Customize Template View

Screenshot of Customize Reseller Template View section

Allows you to modify to great extent the reseller template you use on your web hosting reseller store.


Store Name

Screenshot of Reseller Store Name section

Allows you to view and edit the name of your reseller business and how it appears on the Internet. The store name might be your domain name, company name, or another unique name you want to approach your visitors with.


Customize Header

Screenshot of Customize Reseller Header section

Allows you to customize your already chosen template header to make the look and feel of your hosting store website as unique as possible.


Customize Footer

Screenshot of Customize Reseller Footer section

Allows you to customize your already chosen template footer to make the look and feel of your hosting store website as exceptional as possible.

Customize Contacts

Screenshot of Customize Reseller Contacts section

Allows you to edit the contact details on the Contact page of your hosting store. This will give you the chance to receive your client’s feedback, which is crucial for your hosting business performance.

Customize About

Screenshot of Customize Reseller About section


Allows you to customize your About Us page and present your hosting store brand in the most appropriate way for your targeted audience.


Customize Partners

Screenshot of Customize Reseller Partners section

Allows you to enable and customize a Partners page on your store. This is a marketing purpose page where you can add links back to web hosting directories or other types of websites you submit your stores to be listed on. The page will be automatically displayed at the footer of your store when you add information to the section.


Customize Holder

Screenshot of Customize Reseller Holder section

Each one of the available templates has a ‘Holder’ field, where you can place any information you prefer such as advertisement, news or other information. The Holder area is displayed on every page of the templates.


Image Upload

Screenshot of Reseller Image Upload section

Allows you to store images inside your ResellerCluster account and be able to link them on the custom pages of the templates you use.

Customize Robots.txt

Screenshot of Customize Reseller Robots section

Allows you to edit the robots.txt file of your hosting store.

Customize Sitemap.xml

Screenshot of Customize Reseller Sitemap section

Allows you to edit the sitemap.xml file of your hosting store.


Affiliate Banners

Screenshot of Reseller Affiliate Banners section

Allows you to upload/link images that will be available to your affiliates as banners.


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