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Reseller Hosting Panel – Support Center

Reseller Control Panel – Support Center

The Support Center is the place where you can contact us at any time.

Our Support Center helps you to learn the basics of the Reseller Control Panel and the sections inside it. From there you can open a trouble ticket if you have questions about the reseller program which are not mentioned in the Reseller or Hosting FAQs.

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Trouble Tickets

The Trouble Tickets section helps you contact the reseller support team easily and ask all your questions about the services in your reseller account. You can open trouble tickets and send them to our support and sales departments, add additional comments or send feedback with suggestions to our management and development teams.

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Screenshot of Need Help for Reseller Control Panel section

Need Help for RCP

This section shows direct descriptions, hints, explanations, as well as tips & tricks for each section in the Reseller Control Panel (RCP).


Hosting FAQ

The Hosting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section provides the most frequently asked questions about the services included in the web hosting accounts. The content of the section is organized as Questions and Answers and it is the same as the one provided to web hosting users.

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