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Reseller Hosting Panel – Wallet

Reseller Control Panel – Wallet

Paying for services with a virtual wallet for your reseller account or for your customers has never been easier.

Our Wallet section allows you to deposit money in your wallet and with this money you can purchase services and products for your clients. Also you can always check the orders made through your wallet.

Screenshot of Reseller Wallet section
Screenshot of Reseller Wallet section

Buy Services

Allows you to purchase products and services for your clients by paying with your own money, i.e. using the balance available in your reseller wallet as form of payment or paying directly using your own credit card.


Reseller Wallet

Allows you to deposit money into your reseller account’s wallet for the purpose of buying hosting plans or other services you might want to deliver to people that don’t have credit card but have physical contact with you or maintaining their web sites is your responsibility. In other words if you are a web designer or web programmer and have clients paying you for their websites directly, it is better to purchase everything for them right from your Reseller Control Panel.

Screenshot of Buy Services section
Screenshot of Reseller Wallet Orders section

Wallet Orders

Wallet Orders section displays the orders which you have made to purchase products and services for your clients. You can monitor the status of the orders by checking the order details.