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Customer Support

Do you know our secret? The key are our great employees!

We do know that a great technical environment and superb networking equipment are not sufficient to make a great hosting company, something much more important is needed: the core of our mission is to provide an unmatched customer experience. It is our team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who are committed to exceeding the client’s expectations day after day and offer them the best reseller hosting.

Our Company Principles

The ResellerCluster support team consists of customer support representatives, technical support representatives and billing support representatives. Their daily task is to sustain the relation between the customer’s point of view and the rest of the company, solve customer’s issues in a friendly and sophisticated way. The credo “The Customer comes first” is our main postulate.

However, our customer support representatives in the front-line aren’t the only team members who stand for these values. Everyone at ResellerCluster shares the common will and dedication to provide excellent customer experience. This attitude developed throughout the history of our company due to the fact that all members of the senior management began their careers at ResellerCluster as part of the customer service team.

The only way to continue being a leader on the reseller web hosting market is to give customers a vote in determining the future of our company, to express their desires and to suggest what they are going to need in the time to come. We have proven to make every ResellerCluster’s employee a customer’s advocate.

Working at ResellerCluster was a positive challenge from the very first day. When I started as a trainee I knew only the basics about web technologies. Working every day with this outstanding passionate team and interesting customers is making this a dream job!

Andrey Watkins 
Support Supervisor

Every free reseller using our services has access to great support, simple tools for the creating of hosting stores, easy-to-use Reseller Control Panel where they can manage their account, select and edit the services they offer and monitor their sites. We offer absolutely free reseller hosting program, because we want to offer an even start for everyone, without the need for big investments, acquiring new tech skills or hiring new people. That is how we provide the best reseller hosting to enthusiasts with no experience and to more advanced users as well.

The Customer Support is in the hands of understanding and perceptive professionals

As our reseller hosting program demonstrates – every outstanding service starts with committed people. The best support representatives are more than just remarkably skilled technicians – they have a strong commitment to challenge themselves and solve problems for our clients. Every new ResellerCluster team member has to prove that he or she is highly dedicated and motivated to help the customers at first place. Designated members must own a combination of the following quality characteristics: politeness, friendliness, professionalism and patience, along with the commitment to proceed in a way that is the best for our customers.