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Private Label

Private Label – Sell Under Your Brand

Our Private Label Reseller option masks the web hosting services you resell to the point where your visitors will see you as an independent web hosting company. This type of service is also known as white label hosting or white label reseller hosting. Being a Private Label Reseller your site will have the look and feel of an independent web hosting business.

Our free reseller hosting program offers this feature to all of our resellers. It guarantees that your customers will never know that you are a reseller. By preserving resellers’ anonymity, we help them expand their business. Brand recognition is a vital aspect of maintaining the customers’ trust and loyalty, which will undoubtedly lead to more sales and higher commissions for you as a reseller.


  • We provide customer services – sales, support & billing
  • We stay entirely behind the scenes
  • Your only task is to promote your brand


Private Label Reseller Option Explained

Your website name or DBA (Doing Business As) is displayed automatically on your web hosting store pages and represents your website as an independent business entity. Your company logo and brand details are also displayed on: Payment pages, Thank you (after purchase) pages, Terms of Services, Welcome emails, and email notifications, etc.


  • Branded Theme Pages – Your domain or business name is on all website pages
  • Your Brand Logo – Your custom brand logo is placed on your reseller website and in your clients’ Control Panels
  • Sales & Support – We handle customer service behind the scenes on your behalf
  • Billing & Invoicing – We charge clients and issue invoices on your behalf

Private DNS Cluster

We have developed a Private DNS Cluster service that allows resellers to completely preserve their anonymity. Using this service, resellers will not reveal any utility domain URLs (Order forms, Control Panels, and DNS hosting reseller services) and will present their own branded domain addresses.


Without Private DNS Cluster

– (Signup and Payment address)

– (Control Panel address)

– (Web Host DNS server 1)

– (Web Host DNS server 2)


With Private DNS cluster

– (Signup and Payment address)

– (Control Panel address)

– (Web Host DNS server 1)

– (Web Host DNS server 2)

Learn more about our Private DNS Cluster service

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