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Free Hosting

Offer Free Hosting and still earn a commission!

Become a reseller of web hosting with ResellerCluster and take advantage of a unique business opportunity. The web hosting business can be a difficult niche for newcomers but we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can offer free hosting and still earn a respectable commission every month.

Very few companies out there offer quality free hosting plans. The key to your profits as a free hosting reseller is that users really love free hosting. They get to test out your services before upgrading to a paid hosting plan which builds trust in your brand. We are sure you’ll love it. There are companies that offer product trials but users are afraid of obligations. They hate the fact they need to include credit card information and in-depth personal info just to try a hosting plan. We give you the opportunity to provide a worry-free lifetime powerful hosting plan. What will happen in 80% of the cases is customers will host their starting sites on your free reseller hosting plan and when the sites get bigger they will most likely upgrade to a higher tier plan.


Features of the Free Hosting Plans you can offer to your clients


Plenty of features

The free plan that we provide features everything a user needs to start a site: MySQL, PHP, FTP, lots of disk space and bandwidth, etc. On top of that, we have a strict “NO ADS” policy.


Designed for small businesses and personal websites

The free hosting plan is specially designed to provide the perfect atmosphere for a starter website but it’s not designed to handle a website that is receiving lots of traffic. If your clients are satisfied with their progress and your quality hosting, they will not mind investing a few dollars into the future of their project. It has been tested and it works.


A good conversion from free to premium service

A quality free hosting plan has five or six times the conversion rate of a trial product. It actually converts 80% of your free hosting plan customers to paid hosting plan customers!
Promote your reseller website, create a connection with your clients and watch your profits break through the ceiling.


Around the clock ticket support

Not only do we offer the free hosting plan totally ad-free but our support team assists free users too. If you decide to become a free web hosting reseller with us you can rely on our technical support, administration, and billing departments. You don’t have to do anything besides promote your website. Becoming a Free Reseller Hosting Partner is easy and risk-free with our program. You don’t need to make any initial investments or hire other people to work on your site.

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