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Shared Hosting

What is Shared Web Hosting and why you should offer it to your clients?

Do your clients want web hosting at a low price? Than Shared Web Hosting is the right choice.
Since multiple clients share the resources of a single server we are able to offer hosting solutions at very reasonable prices. Shared Hosting is best for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses. This is the ideal service for clients who do not want to deal with custom server configurations – everything is plug ‘n’ play. Our Shared Hosting Reseller Program enables you to resell our services effortlessly, with no technical support or system administration work required. You don’t need any technical experience to take advantage of our Shared Hosting Reseller Program.


Offer Free Shared Hosting

What better way to attract new customers than to provide an absolutely free shared hosting service with no ads and no additional fees? This “freemium” model of advertising will be one of the strongest advantages of your marketing efforts. With our Free Hosting plan your customers will have enough resources to start their own site or blog, to set an email account, install Joomla or WordPress, and get free technical support. But if their site grows or they decide to expand their business, they may choose to upgrade to a Paid Hosting Plan that will give them more features and unlimited resources to accommodate the growth of their website. Having as many free users as possible will increase your brand awareness, which will in return, attract even more clients, a percentage of whom may decide to upgrade to premium accounts.


Offer Paid Shared Hosting

As a reseller, you can offer premium shared hosting by defining your own wholesale prices. The difference between the wholesale and the retail price is the commission you get. Your paying customers get more hosting features including increased speed and performance, extra disk space, databases, domain names, email accounts, higher usage limits, and even one or more free domains. You can additionally activate promotions and discounts with free domains and hosting tools to attract new customers. Your Shared Hosting customers will be privileged to use our in-house developed 1-Click Automated Script Installer that allows them to easily install software on their sites. The Zacky App Installer includes support for free website software that enables online publishing, website management, the creation of online shops, forums, and much more.

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