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Reseller Cloud Hosting – provide your customers with flexibility and reliability at the utmost performance level. Offer professional XEN Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions to your clients who are looking to grow their businesses.

Do your clients require unmatched flexibility and complete control over the system hosting their online services? Break the limitations of Shared Hosting and fixed applications and start offering virtual servers from your own branded company. Become a VPS Reseller and offer customizable Virtual Private Server plans through our reseller cloud hosting platform. Virtual Private Servers are cost-effective solutions for businesses that want the power and flexibility of an independent server without the high cost and complexity that are involved in managing dedicated hardware. As a VPS Hosting Reseller, you will be able to meet all of your client’s web hosting needs.


What are the advantages of reselling VPS hosting?

With our VPS hosting plans you can offer your more demanding clients high quality services aimed at quickly growing sites with lots of traffic and various custom features – VPS hosting can also be especially beneficial to sites with varying traffic throughout the year.
Providing VPS and cloud hosting services is a great plus for your business, because these plans are much more profitable than the shared plans due to the state-of-the-art resources and features that they offer.

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