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Wallet Reseller

Resell Prepaid Services

Still, if you want to have complete control over your sales, we give you the option to prepay for web hosting services and sell them later directly to your customers. Our web reseller wallet is a feature that is perfectly tailored for individuals and businesses that have direct contact with their prospective customers and need to manage the web hosting services on behalf of their clients. If you do not wish to use our billing system and want to charge your customers directly, you can purchase credit in advance for your reseller hosting business and use it later to activate products and services as needed.


Benefits of Using the Reseller Wallet Option

With this payment method, you can easily prepay for hosting services and directly order them at wholesale prices from your Reseller Control Panel. There you will also find all the tools necessary to refill your wallet, manage new and existing web hosting services for your clients, and check your wallet order history for all previous transactions. If you need more independence in your web hosting reseller business, the Reseller Wallet is the perfect solution for you. And most importantly – you will be able to offer the best reseller hosting to your clients using our premade ready-to-use tools absolutely for free.


Become a Wallet Reseller


How does it work?

Step 1

Log into your Reseller Control Panel and visit the “Reseller Wallet” section and then select a given amount to be added to your wallet. With these funds, you can later purchase services that are offered by ResellerCluster.


Step 2

Your clients come and pay you directly for the web hosting service that is provided. You can charge the customer your desired retail price and have your commission immediately. This can be especially beneficial to resellers who offer web hosting as only a part of a larger service package.


Step 3

Order the desired web hosting service for your client via the “Buy Products and Services for your clients” section and choose your reseller wallet as the payment method at the end of the order submission process.


Step 4

Your customers can start using your services as soon as our sales representatives approve their orders. Unlike our standard billing methods, no payment processing and fraud verification checks are performed for orders paid with a reseller’s wallet. As a result, your clients can start using their services almost instantly.

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