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What are the primary goals of your hosting reseller program?

ResellerCluster’s program has some very important advantages compared to other hosting reseller programs available on the market:

1. Instant reseller account activation.

2. Within 5 minutes after you have signed up you can have an actually working reseller hosting store.

3. Only with ResellerCluster you can offer both free and paid to host without investing any money.

4. No need to advertise your site extensively, the free accounts demand will naturally boost your site’s traffic.

5. The free accounts demand will naturally turn into a demand for paid accounts that offer more features you are going to get paid for!

6. You have the full power to put on your sole discretion advertising on your free reseller hosting store and thus rapidly monetize the free accounts traffic demand with any third-party advertising company and thereby generate additional revenue completely independently.

7. Everything from your reseller’s account setup to all free and paid accounts setup is completely automated, no need for any technical knowledge or server administration. ResellerCluster’s staff is on duty 24×7 to monitor and support the entire process.

If you find any better deal on the net we are ready to offer you the same!

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