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Remote Reseller Tools

Resell directly on your existing site – We offer a fully featured suite of tools for experienced resellers

Our Remote Reseller Tools offer you the option to use a custom website as your hosting store and integrate our Reseller Hosting Program very easily into that reseller website. This enables the selling of web hosting services directly from your own site.

Our free hosting reseller program gives you the opportunity to start your own online business in a way that is most suitable for you. For that reason, we provide you with different reseller tools. You have exactly the same selling functionality with the Remote Reseller Tools as with the Free Store Themes, but you also gain greater flexibility and customization options. If you are an experienced web designer, or you can hire one to prepare your remote website store, you can create exactly the site you want and make it stand out. If you want to create your own site, our comprehensive set of Remote Reseller Tools is exactly what you need.

  • Do you already have a running website, forum, or blog and want to monetize its traffic by offering value-added hosting services to your visitors?
  • Do you have an online shop and want to broaden your portfolio? Sell Free & Shared Hosting, Semi-Dedicated and VPS / Cloud Hosting, Domains, and SSL Certificates.
  • Do you wish to have a unique design and content that you or your web designers have prepared for your reseller web hosting site?
  • You do not wish to use our Free Store Themes and need a custom site to satisfy your market’s niche expectations and demands?


The Remote Website Reseller Tools are just for you!

We have prepared small snippets of HTML code for you to copy and paste into your remote site and display the necessary content and forms so that your users can buy services directly on your site.

These snippets are loading content remotely from our servers which is why the Reseller Tools are called “Remote”. Reseller hosting has never been so easy! Now you can offer the whole range of services from our reseller hosting program: free web hosting shared hosting, VPS (cloud-based technology) hosting, domains, etc.

  • Remote Services Showcase – Showcase hosting services and their description on your site
  • Remote Order Forms – Clients can order hosting services from your site
  • Remote Login Forms – Hosting Control Panel log-in available to your clients from your site
  • Look & Feel Customization – Custom CSS can be used for all remote forms, so they fit your site’s design



1. If you want to be a free web hosting reseller, you can simply create your store from your RCP – Reseller Control Panel (see demo).

2. Copy the snippets of HTML that the system is generating for you in the Remote Order section of the Control Panel.

3. Paste the HTML snippets on the desired pages of your website and adjust their CSS to match your site’s design.

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